Access and Participation Statement

ABI College welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and cultural identities.
The College has as part of its mission the objective of extending Higher Education opportunities to groups that have been traditionally underrepresented. The College therefore welcomes applications from students without conventional qualifications or who wish to return to study to improve their career prospects.


The vast majority of College students are admitted on the basis of carefully structured aptitude tests and interviews to ensure they have the potential to succeed in Higher Education.


The gender balance at ABI College is currently 38% (male) and 62% (female). The emphasis at the College is very much directed towards student employability and the College can provide assistance with English Language in order to meet the standard required for study at Level 4 and above.


The College operates an open door policy. It provides students the opportunity to meet with staff who will provide them with information on courses available and advice on the commitment that is necessary to do well. After admission, students are provided with a comprehensive induction programme to inform them of College requirements regarding such matters as financial support, attendance and the submission of work. The College study programmes place great emphasis on the student acquisition of study skills which will enable them to succeed on their chosen course.

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