Admissions Process

Our admissions process is in two stages:

Firstly the team will look at your qualifications against each course’s entry criteria, your experience and personal statement and if they consider from this that you would benefit from the course you have applied for you will be invited to come to the College for a personal interview. We also provide open days for prospective students to learn about the range of educational opportunities that we provide.


Secondly in addition to the interview you will usually be required to undertake some tests in literacy, numeracy and comprehension. The interview also provides an opportunity to talk to staff members about the course in order to ensure that it meets your needs. On the basis of this you will either be offered a place to study with us or if it is decided that you are not ready for one of our courses appropriate advice will be given.


In some cases, the team may contact you for further information to help them make an admissions decision. If this is the case, please reply as soon as possible to avoid your application being rejected.

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