Nadiya Khylyuk, Former Student

Monday 20 September, 2021

My ABI journey started when I realised that something important is missing in my life: Higher Education. I was struggling to find a better job, and during a discussion with my work colleague, she recommended ABI College to me as she had a good experience there. So I decided to give it a try.

From the first day and my initial assessment, everybody at ABI College were very nice and professional. This made me feel welcome and at ease to start the journey ahead of me. I was very happy and proud when I was accepted for my chosen course HND in Business. Initially, I had problems with getting my Student Loan Support, but Principal and the team gave me their full support, and were very patient until I managed to resolve the problem with the Student Loan Company. When started at the College, I was worried about my level of English and Academic writing. Again, the team and English Language tutor provided me with full support, helping me to feel more confident each day. I enjoyed my studies at ABI College. I was happy every time when I attended my lessons, learning something new, every day.


Tutors at ABI College are all very helpful. They are professionals and were my inspiration during my studies. They were all willing to help if I had any problems with my assignments. A big thank you goes to Nishi, HND in Business Programme Leader. I always knew I can rely on her and that she will support me and help me. I also met a fellow student Jasmine at ABI, who became my good friend. I believe that ABI College was a first step that I took towards my future and it gave me a new chance in life. I am awaiting for my HND in Business certificate and am applying for a BA programme, together with Jasmine. Thank you to all of my tutors and ABI College in helping me to reach my dream – Degree in Higher Education!

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