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Learning Resources

ABI College has made substantial investment in the range of its student facilities and its current Strategic Plan provides for continuous enhancement. Its newly acquired additional premises provide state-of-the-art learning opportunities.


Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Our VLE (ABILearn) has been developed to support student learning needs and provide a wealth of course information, feedback and advanced learning resources. Its development and use by students has been identified as an area of good practice  in external College reviews.


Computing Facilities

Students have access to computers networked together with a high speed Internet Connection and its computing facilities and services are highly regarded. There is a full range of library facilities and equipment including printers, CD ROMs, photocopiers, and audio-visual technology. These support the additional specialist resources which are provided in your chosen area of study.


Pastoral Support

ABI College places great emphasis on both the quality and the delivery of pastoral care to the students at our two College sites. Each and every student during his/her induction period has a meeting with a member of the pastoral care team, initial identification of any current or potential problem is identified and, in addition, walk in sessions are offered throughout the academic year. Email details and mobile numbers are also given to all students in case emergency support is needed or required.


Students are provided with ongoing support for academic issues raised by their tutors. For more serious or personal problems, the College has designated members of staff for this purpose (please see Student Handbook for the details).


Council Tax

Full time registered students (with a few exceptions) are eligible for exemption of Council Tax, but they are not allowed to claim Council Tax Benefit, which is a public fund

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