The College Mission, Vision & Values


The ABI College mission is to excel in the delivery of high quality teaching and provision of learning opportunities, in collaboration with external partners, recognising the ever-changing needs of our students through the provision of a responsive and innovative portfolio of courses, and to extend an outstanding educational experience to our diverse learning community.


Vision and Values

Education – ABI will be a leading provider of academic and training programmes at certificate, diploma and degree levels. It will bring innovative approaches to programme design and delivery, and will ensure that its students are outstandingly equipped to meet the opportunities and challenges of an ever-changing world.


Partnership & Collaboration – ABI will be a key partner in the knowledge economy at the local, national and global levels working collaboratively with universities, commerce and industry to enrich our educational programmes at all levels.


Our Community – The College community will attract students from a wide variety of backgrounds and its dedicated staff and innovative teaching will enable them to maximize their educational achievement in an accessible, friendly, and professional learning environment.


Accountability – At ABI we cherish the values of academic freedom and individual rights and recognise the importance of personal and professional integrity, transparency, and accountability for our actions.


Respect & Fairness – We are dedicated to our students and to their pursuit of skills and knowledge. We respect all persons without prejudice or discrimination, are tolerant of the opinions of others, and strive to promote fairness and international understanding.


A Greener World – The College will strive to meet its environmental obligations and work for a sustainable future through the improvement of energy efficiency, the provision of green travel options for students and staff, and engagement in carbon – saving projects.


British Values – We are dedicated to promoting British Values through curriculum and personal behaviour and interactions with our students.


The core mission and values of ABI College will be kept constantly under review. The College is committed to the provision of liberal, accessible, and inclusive educational opportunities which will find expression in a friendly, dynamic, and professional learning community.


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